Stage competition

Stage competition

Place: Bielsko Cultural Center in Bielsko-Biała 
Datee: June 8, 2024. 

1. The winner of the 2023 Festival Grand Prix cannot take part in the competition. 
2. The band qualified for the competition is obliged to send a complete set of scores (in PDF format) of the competition pieces or directorial voices by May 17, 2024. 
3. The competition will be held in the following categories: 
    A – brass bands, 
    B – related instrumental formations (Big Band, so-called Dechovka, etc.) 
4. The competition program should include at least one piece by a composer from the country the band comes from. 
5. The works submitted to the competition are the binding program. 
6. The presentation time of the competition songs (including the entry and exit of the band) should be from 15 to 20 minutes. Failure to comply with the performance time specified in the regulations will result in a reduction of the score by 3 points. 
7. The order of auditions in the competition is decided by the Organizers. 
8. Orchestras participating in the competition are obliged to participate in the orchestra parade and in outdoor concerts - they present a 30-minute repertoire (the place and time of these concerts are decided by the organizers). The team's absence from the parade will result in a 5-point reduction in the team's rating. Absence from outdoor concerts will result in the band's rating being reduced by 5 points. 
9. Bands awarded in the competition are obliged to perform in the winners' concert. Absence will result in the team's rating being lowered by 5 points and the prizes awarded will be withdrawn. 

Jury regulations: 

1. The composition of the Jury will be made public before the start of the festival. 
. The Jury of the Stage Competition will evaluate: intonation, interpretation, selection of repertoire, degree of difficulty of the pieces, sound qualities, creativity and general artistic expression. 
3. The jury's ratings are secret. 
4. The Jury's decisions are final. 


Grand Prix – for the orchestra that scores the highest number of points in the stage competition. 
Gold Diploma – from 90 to 100 points. 
Silver Diploma – from 75 to 89 points. 
Bronze Diploma – from 60 to 74 points. 
The winner of the Grand Prix, the winner of the drill and moorette competition and the winners in individual categories honored with Golden Diplomas receive cash prizes. 

Honorable Mentions: 
- for the best Polish team, 
- for the best foreign team, 
- for the youngest participant of the competition, 
- for the best youth team, 
- for the best team from Bielsko County 
- for the best bandmaster of the competition, 

The expected prize pool in the competitions is PLN 16,000. 
The jury may award other non-statutory prizes. 
The jury has the right to divide the prizes differently than stipulated in the regulations. 
Cash prizes are subject to taxation in accordance with applicable regulations.